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Service 1: $189.00*Service 2: $269.00*Service 3: $315.00*
Grease and oil change (with up to 5 litres of oil)TickTickTick
Brake inspectionTickTickTick
Check brake fluid levelsTickTickTick
Road test vehicleTickTickTick
Oil filter unitTickTickTick
Check battery levelsTickTickTick
Check lightsTickTickTick
Inspect air filter elementTickTickTick
Suspension checkTickTickTick
Engine flush (cleans oil gallery & P.V.C valves)TickTickTick
Written safety report**TickTickTick
Exhaust system checkXTickTick
Fluid reservoirs, inspect & top up fluidsXTickTick
Electronic wheel balancingXTickTick
Supply & fitting of spark plugs (std plugs, platinum extra)XTickTick
Road test vehicle, check engine response, braking (including park brake) steering & suspensionXTickTick
Supply & fitting of air filter elementXTickTick
Supply & fitting of fuel filter (In Line Filter)***XXTick
Check operation of transmission & drive trainXXTick
Tyre inspection & rotation, if requiredXXTick
Cooling system inspectionXXTick
Battery inspection including performance of charging systemXXTick
Front wheel alignmentXXTick

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*all the above prices are inclusive of GST

*Environmental Levy included in the above prices

**The information given on inspection is as accurate as can be given without completely dismantling the brake or steering systems. We offer it only as a guide to the condition of the steering and brakes without accepting responsibility.

***Cost for In Tank Fuel Filter extra. Please call for quote.